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Ling's Wok Shop is the latest innovation from the team behind the popular Ling & Louie's Asian Bar and Grill. This new and dynamic concept combines modern Asian cuisine with the best of both counter-service and full-service dining. 

Operating as a fast-casual restaurant during lunch - when guests are always on the go - Ling's Wok Shop provides fast, consistent and delicious menu options that are both healthy and convenient. During happy hour and dinner service - when our guests want to relax and unwind - we operate as a full-service restaurant, providing friendly and knowledgeable service as well as a full bar of hand-crafted cocktails, expertly selected wines, and local beers.

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Working with the wok is both a skill and an art. We have honed the technique of wok cooking to be healthy. We have modernized wok cooking, using very little oil for a quick sear of the proteins which brings out the best flavors. Our technique also keeps the freshness and snap of veggies, bringing out their brightest colors.

Yes, we're Arizona-based so you know we're crazy for the heat but we also revere high temperatures for a different reason. True wok deliciousness can only be achieved using temperatures well in excess of traditional western kitchens. The 2000 year old technique is about working with and controlling fire. It locks in flavor and nutrients in the first few seconds of cooking because of that beautiful, fiery, intense heat.

New Restaurant Scottsdale - Asian Fusion, Chinese, Thai

Ling's Wok Shop was designed to be different. In an ever-changing world, we believe it is important to be dynamic, flexible and responsive. We are an innovative, flex-casual restaurant with counter service for lunch and full service for happy hour and dinner. This transformative, fluid model allows us to serve our guests the way they want to be served while our wok-centered kitchen ensures each dish is fresh, healthy, and delicious. 

Looking for gluten free options that are diverse and flavorful? Look no further. 

How about vegetarian and vegan options? We have you covered. 

Wanting a hand-crafted cocktail in a fast-casual environment? Our bartenders will shake something up special.

What about a fun, energetic place to gather with friends for Happy Hour? We have the happiest hours. 

Ling's Wok Shop isn't here to break the rules of dining out... we're just saying there shouldn't be any. Like Ling always says, "Where there's a wok... there's a way."

Fundraising for Local Charities

At Ling's Wok Shop, one of our Core Values is being committed to giving back to our community. We are always looking for ways to help local non-profits, schools, sports programs, and foundations. Whether it is a fundraising events for a local sports team, donating gift cards for a silent auction, or partnering with us in our monthly Cooking for a Cause program, we love supporting local non-profits! If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser with us, click the link below and tell us about your organization and its goals.

Events Near Me

At Ling's Wok Shop, we believe in being innovative and keeping things fresh. Stay up to date on all of the latest news, events, and specials by becoming a WOKSTAR or checking our Events calendar regularly.