Surf & Turf Saturdays

Surf & Turf Saturdays

Make every Saturday date night at Ling's Wok Shop! Enjoy a special Surf & Turf meal for two every Saturday for just $50/couple. 

This three-course meal includes your choice of soup or salad to start, followed by a tender, wok-seared NY strip served with specially prepared shrimp or scallops, and finished with your choice of dessert to share!

FIRST COURSE (choose one per person)
- Long Life Chicken & Rice Soup
- Cucumber Salad

SURF & TURF (to share)
Enjoy a 6-ounce wok-seared NY Strip Steak, served with Uncle Fu's Fried Rice and Stir-Fried Asparagus, and your choice of shrimp or scallops prepared one of three ways:
- Buddha's Belly in traditional stir-fry sauce
- Kung Pao with peanuts and spicy chili-soy
- Tso What in sweet and spicy soy

DESSERT (choose one to share)
- White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake
- Gluten Free Brownie