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Hayden Peak Crossing - Scottsdale, AZ

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Our Latest Reviews

Lynne 4 months ago

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Fantastic Appetizer, well seasoned, tasty and filling. Will definitely reorder!

Merle 4 months ago

Ling's Seafood Hot Pot

My all-time favourite restaurant meal. Great value and absolutely delicious!

Glen 4 months ago

Key Lime Pie

This splendid Key Lime rendition proffers intrigue from first glance alone - emerald green foam crowning the vibrant citrus, bejeweled with sizzling cayenne flecks. Visual poetry commences the dramatic arc but taste consummates it into celestial spheres. First the silken bite of custard startles the senses with its smooth creaminess, then lemon brashness floods the mouth oceanic in scope - at once tart, sweet, bracingly sour. Tongue tingles to attention before cayenne's latent heat erupts and slides along the throat as a fiery benediction. Chinese five spice perfuming through the alliums and star anise notes carries an ineffable epicurean wink - here contrasting cultures undulate. Chewy crust offers momentary textural anchor amidst these flavor fireworks while genius basil foam cools the palate with each dissolving effervescent mote. Yet sweetness ultimately triumphs, whether in the meringue kisses dappling the plate or the jammy juices of the lime itself rounding into genteel finish. Each dense, crystalline granule of sugar against the tongue proves a tactile echo of the farm-fresh brightness within. A tour de force dessert that dazzles eyes, challenges assumptions, and above all seduces the eager palate as sublime rhapsody plays out over three resplendent acts - Decadent. Daring. Delightful. Here the marriage of baking prowess and assertive spice sets the scene for cultural dialogue dancing upon a dessert of beguiling contrasts. Let us raise our glasses in intoxicating toast - a triumphant star stamped onto Ling Wok Shop's celestial menu!

Glen 4 months ago

Long Life Chicken & Rice Soup

Upon first spoonful, the tonic broth washes over tongue and palate - smooth yet intensely rich with concentrated flavors coaxed from the bones. Morsels of perfectly cooked poultry radiate succulent savor. Meanwhile nutty jasmine rice absorbs the precious liquids as they commingle, releasing ever more round complexity to delight the senses anew. Each component sings in wholesome harmony.

Glen 4 months ago

Steamed Dumplings

First, the fragrant broth, redolent of soy and ginger, floods the palate, a savory kiss awaking the senses. Next emerge the mushrooms in all their woodsy glory, flavor intensified by the steamy bath yet still retaining a slight crunch and bounce. Now firecracker chili oil works its magic, fluids mingling and igniting sparks upon the tongue until one wonders if actual flame has erupted! Bits of scallion add verdant counterpoint amidst the raging blaze just when respite is needed. With constancy the textures beguile - the tender yield of the skins, the mushrooms providing pleasant tooth, the slurpable pool of broth carrying alternating notes of salty, sweet and heat. Each dumpling promises new revelations as ingredients commingle differently with every bite. Here contrast provides intrigue but harmony brings enchantment. In such simple packages this kitchen elevates the commonplace to the extraordinary through perfected technique and balance. These steamed jewels deservedly garner the highest accolades - stunning works of edible art!

Melissa 4 months ago

Uncle Fu's Fried Rice

This is our go to! Recommend!

Merle 4 months ago

Kung Pao

Perfect amount of heat! Great food as always!

Glen 4 months ago

Spicy Thai Basil Chicken

First, plaudits to the kitchen for impeccable wok technique, coaxing out ingredients' essences while imbuing its ineffable breath into each bite. Chicken revels under blistering heat, searing succulent and luscious with porcine crisp edges. Red bell peppers maintain a slight crunch amidst the mounting inferno while onions caramelize to an irresistible glaze. Lemongrass infuses its exotic citrus perfume through this melange like olfactory orchids. Meanwhile layers of flavor unfold - the sweet char of well-caramelized alliums and peppers beguiling before chili spice surges in crescendo. Crunchy peanuts insert textural intrigue alongside the pops of pepper seeds. Just when heat threatens to overwhelm, in rushes a cooling breeze of basil - its verdant qualities bright yet muted against the chili onslaught. The invigorating herbs flow through with clarifying licorice finish that cleanses the palate for the next mesmerizing bite. Once more, contrast binds together a breathtaking journey - no single sensation overwhelming the next but each giving way to revelation after revelation in this ever-unfurling lotus. Here the kitchen harnesses disparate elements into a virtuoso concerto, confidently conducting flavor and texture through rapturous heights.

Glen 4 months ago

Szechwan Green Beans

This wok-tossed green bean dish stands as a showstopper - the quintessence of fiery Szechuan cuisine! First, those verdant green beans shine as resplendent jewels, crisp-tender and bursting with freshness. The kitchen respects the vegetable's purity allowing its summery essence to dazzle. Yet when tossed in the searing wok heat, nuanced alchemy unfolds. The beans caramelize to a delicate crunch, underscoring buttery hints of the smoking oil. Meanwhile red chili flakes and Szechuan peppercorns kindle their spark and flame. Subtle garlic notes harmonize without dominating as smoke and spice entwine the beans in an intricate Mala dance. Beans soften, sweeten and intensify yet maintain their vivid color and bounce amidst mounting waves of heady chili perfume swirling through the wok's vortex. Just when one requires relief from the gathering conflagration, soothing chives mingle cooling herbaceous qualities through the medley, restoring balance. Textures mesmerize as the wok breathes its mysteries into the vegetable - the snappy beans, the crunch of peppercorns now numbing the lips, the wisps of charred chive bringing new layers. Each bean carries an entire universe of orchestrated sensations no single quality overtaking the next. With confident mastery this kitchen harnesses extreme heat to exalt the intrinsic qualities of the vegetable itself. Such wok charisma transforms the humble bean, elevating it to breathtaking heights. A not-to-be-missed signature for the ages from the Ling Wok Shop!

Glen 4 months ago

Firecracker Hummus

Ah, this Firecracker Hummus elicits gasps of delight from the first dip of carrot or crunch of crisp potato chip! An inspired fusion of Middle Eastern creaminess with lively zest, the melange proves utterly beguiling. Textures entrance, from cool snap of cucumber that calms the burn to the hearty chips that provide such endearing textural contrast. Even the hummus itself proves lighter than its American counterparts, allowing the vegetables and crisps to shine. Lemony garlic hummus, Mala firecrackers, delicate vegetables and hearty chips combine in blissful equilibrium greater than any one element.